How to choose a kitten and a breeder and to decide between a male and female cat

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A good breeder will show you gladly the living conditions of cats and kittens, their genealogy, vaccination certificate and etc. Having a look at the mother of the chosen kitten, you can imagine how your pet will look like in a couple of years. The kittens of the Abyssinian breed can be bought at the age of two months, but it is better to buy a 3-4 months old kitten, because at this age it can easily adapt to new living conditions.

Main rules of choosing an Abyssinian
As we have already mentioned, it is better not to buy a too young kitten. In the cattery at the age of 3-4 months it will get all necessary vaccinations and bear them without any serious complications, living at the familiar place next to its mother and other kittens. In general, it is good for kittens to live with their mother and littermates till the age of 3 months. They learn to play, acquire skills of adult life and are taught a lot by their mother. Those animals which were taken from their “family” at a very young age, often have problems with adaptation in their new house. They can’t play well and get on with the other pets. Moreover, if the kitten is weaned from its mother’s nipples too early, it begins to suck woolen things, your ear and so on. It should be mentioned that the kitten should get the skills of communicating with people not later than at the age of 3-7 weeks. In this period tactile and vocal contacts are important for the kitten, which contributes to the animal’s trust to people and its fearlessness. If the breeders of the cattery know how to bring up a new generation of kittens, the animals will not have problems with getting on with new owners. Choosing a kitten, take a look at the whole litter. Even if you have decided to take only a female kitten, while it is the only one in the litter, you should watch the other kittens to identify their character. Maybe you want to take a calm female, and, watching the whole company, you can see that this kitten is the one you need. If this female is too active, you may even take another decision and choose a quiet good-tempered tender male kitten! Do not forget that the chosen cat of the Abyssinian breed will live in your house for 10-15 years!

How to identify the kitten’s character
Before identifying the kitten’s temperament and character ask the owner about the time of its last meal. Right after the feeding the kittens may look slack, sleepy, and inactive. Then, watching their games and reaction on you, you may see if they have such traits of character as confidence, friendliness, openness, and playfulness. Sit on the floor beside the kittens and watch their reaction. The suitable kitten will not be afraid of you or spit at you.You can play with the babies using any of their toys. A healthy active kitten will almost at once show its interest to the game. If the animal’s behaviour evokes a smile and positive emotions, it is worth your attention and appreciation. After playing take the baby in your hands carefully. Ideally, it will not show aggression, bite, or scratch. By the way, the kitten’s character depends mostly on the genes and mother’s upbringing. From the birth kittens copy the mother’s habits and acquires its way of behaviour with people. Thus, ask the owner of the cattery to show you the kitten’s mother and watch its reaction on stangers and its communication with the owner. As a rule, the Abyssinians are friendly and very curious, and the stranger does not embarrass them but, on the contrary, arouses true vivid interest.

How to check the kitten’s physical condition
It is obligatory to examine the kitten at least by sight but very carefully before buying!
Coat, skin
Coat of a healthy animal is flat, clean, without bad smell. There should be no rash or scalds on the skin. There also should be neither flea nor signs of scratching.
When you take a kitten in your hands it should not be as light as a feather or “groan” because of its
weight, too big for its age. It is normal to feel the animal’s ribs with your fingers! The baby’s stomach should not be swollen as a drum or skinny and hollow.
The kitten’s eyes should be clear and clean without “smoke”. The eyes should not squint and show the third lid. The eyes’ colour of a 2-3 months old Abyssinian is grey blue. At the age of 3,5 – 4,5 months it changes into amber or emerald.
The kittens’ ears should be clean inside without signs of scratching and rash.
The place under the animal’s tail should be clean without signs of diarrhea and discharges.

How to choose a breeder?
Today it is not easy to find a serious breeder. Good breeders are interested in purebreeding to make the sires in their catteries meet strict requirements to the breed. That is why they participate in cats exhibitions. Professional breeders take care about their pets’ health and know everyting about the cat’s physiology, food ration, and habits. Serious breeders will always answer all your different questions, show all their pets, just rewards, medals, and cups.

Thus, a good breeder:
• knows a lot about the breed they grow;
• will answer gladly all your questions;
• participates in cats exhibitions;
• shares useful contacts with you;
• will show you gladly the mother of the kitten and the whole litter if any;
• will show you the place where your future pet and the other kittens live, play, sleep, and eat;
• has all the documents that confirm vaccination and veterinary inspections;
• is against of nail and vocal cords removal surgery;
• does not keep the animals in cages – buying the kitten, grown up in cage, you chance to get an animal with broken will and muscle loss;
• observes you attentively to be sure that their baby will be in safe and good hands;
• does not put pressure on you to make you buy the kitten.

A male or female cat
There are lots of arguments, conjectures, and rumours on this count. Those, who have male cats, prove their advantages, and those, who have female cats, prove theirs. You should make the right choice, taking into account the reason what you take the animal for. If it will not become a bearer of the cat race, and it will be either sterilised or castrated, then, there is no difference if it will be a male or female cat. If there will not be any surgery, then, both male and female cat will bring some problems as they are living beings, and Nature will get the upper hand. The cat, which has not been castrated, will take care about its private territory and try to mark it. A female cat, which has not been spayed, will mew and call a male during the lewdness (that lasts for 3-5 days every 3 weeks) and run away from the house when occasion offers. Besides, it happens that female cats, which have not been sterilised, mark the territory llike the males do. On the contrary, relationship between sterilised male and female cats and their owners are more friendly. The difference between a sterilised female cat and a castrated male cat is visible only in their appearance. The males are bigger and more physically strong, and the females are thiner and more graceful.

Why does the kitten need a genealogy
This document confirms the breed of the baby. The rest cats without a genealogy are considered outbred even if there are signs of a concrete breed in their exterior. Buying a kitten without a genealogy, you may get not the one you want, and you will not be sure about what it will be look like in future. In other words, the breeder can sell an outbred animal if it seems to you that it belongs to the breed you are interested in.

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