History, character and description of the Abyssinian cat

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History, character and description of the Abyssinian cat The legend about the Abyssinian cats’ origin is interesting and beautiful. It is considered that the Abyssinian are children of the goddess Bastet. The cats’ duty was to accompany Egypt gods. Those animals were considered sacred, and they could live in temples. Only pharaons were allowed to have the Abyssinian cat.
There is another legend, saying that the cats of the Abyssinian breed appeared in ancient Ethiopia and were just the pets living in houses.
Nevertheless, the history of these wonderful animals began thousands of years ago!

The Abyssinian appearance
The Abyssinian female cat is medium-sized, slim and notable for its magnificent grace. Its body has strong muscles, long sinewy legs with nice oval paws. The tale is long and notably tapering. The Abyssinian cats’s head reminds of Egypt statuettes; it is wedge shaped and has a sharply defined strong chin. Their ears are big and widely set as well as eyes. Besides, cats of this breed has very expressive green or amber almond shaped eyes.
The animals’ coat is thin but dense and close-lying, giving accent to its graceful silhouette.

The Abyssinian cats character
First of all, it is necessary to mention spacious intellect and exellent temperament of this animal.
Everything fits perfectly together with its friendly and cheerful character. If you are going to take this wonderful animal, you can be sure that it will easily make friends with adults, children and pets. Despite its royal appearance and character, deep in its mind, the Abyssinian cat will always stay a
tender playful kitten at any age, but the owners should take into account that this animal is very independent, and it is difficult to impose something on it, and all the commands said in a loud voice can be ignored. You should make arrangement with the Abyssinian, and in that case you will be rewarded with tenderness, faith, and obedience of this wonderfull animal.
The cat delights with its ability to harmonize everything around, pretending to be either a queen or a cheerful child. The Abyssinian cat tries to accompany its owners everywhere. It will touch water in a bath as if it cares about the temperature, it will sit next to you, wathcing a football match or during the dinner. The Abyssinian are good, faithful, cheerful, and careful friends.

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